The Music Modernization Act is a bipartisan effort that proposes a significant update to music copyright law. The legislation is designed to reform the way songwriters are paid in the digital age, in particular how mechanical and performance royalties are calculated. The MMA will create an entity &# (More...)

California Indietronic artist ‘Her Space Holiday’ has released “Wounded”, the lead single from the forthcoming release “Gravity”, mixed by GPS client Damian Taylor. The four song EP was written and recorded by Marc Bianchi, who focuses on blending electronic produ (More...)

Missouri native Dawson Hollow, an indie-folk band based out of the Ozark Mountains, has released its debut album “Boy of My Youth” (Red Letter Records), mixed by GPS client Ryan Hewitt. The group is made up of the Links, five siblings who together have played over 2,500 shows. In 2017 th (More...)

SonicScoop have published an exclusive interview with GPS client Ken Andrews who is well known for his work with Paramore, Beck, Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182 and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to name a few. The feature covers Andrews mixing the highly anticipated forthcoming album from Stone Temple Pilo (More...)

I’m With Her, the folk super-trio of Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz and Aoife O’Donovan, have released their latest single “Game To Lose” from their forthcoming album. Their debut album, scheduled for release on February 16 via Rounder/Concord Records, was produced by GPS client Ethan Jo (More...)