Client Bill Reynolds is producing, engineering, and mixing the forthcoming album from Lotte Mullan. Check out some photos from the sessions on Lotte’s Facebook. Reynolds recently relocated from Ojai, CA to Nashville where he is working out of Jay Joyce’s former studio.

Childish Gambino just released another single, “3005”, mixed by client Andrew Dawson. The single comes in advance of Gambino’s forthcoming album, also mixed by Dawson. Stream the track below:

Emily Kinney releases “Expired Love” EP through Thirty Tigers. The EP features seven original songs, with production by Caleb Shreve and Conrad Korsch, and mixes by fellow GPS client Mikal Blue. Find the album on iTunes here, and visit Emill’s Website at (More...)

NME Magazine premiers the new single “Deadbolt” from SKATERS’ forthcoming “Manhattan” (Warner Bros). Client Cenzo Townshend mixed the record. Listen to the track below via SoundCloud:

Jake Bugg debuts his new single “What Doesn’t Kill You” from his forthcoming album “Shangri La” (Mercury), produced by Rick Rubin. The song and album was engineered and edited by Dana Nielsen, and the album will feature 6 mixes by Billy Bush. Hear the new single below: