Irish four-piece rock outfit The Strypes have released their 3rd full-length studio album “Spitting Image” via Virgin EMI. The album was produced and mixed by GPS client Ethan Johns. A coming-of-age album for the young twenty-something Irish rockers, UK’s The Independent says: R (More...)

Stevie Nicks’ new ballad, “Your Hand I Will Never Let Go,” will be featured in the Naomi Watts-led drama, “The Book of Henry” (Focus Features). The song was written by Thomas Barlett and Ryan Miller, and mixed by GPS client Thom Monahan. The American singer-songwriter, (More...)

Alabama-born sisters Shelby Lynne and Allison Moorer have released the first single from their forthcoming album, mixed by GPS client Mark Howard. The title track of the album “Not Dark Yet” is one of Bob Dylan’s classic ballads. Produced by Teddy Thompson, the album will mix toget (More...)

Jazz pianist, composer and singer Ariel Pocock has released her second full-length album titled “Living In Twilight”. The record was produced by GPS client Matt Pierson, who also produced her debut album “Touchstone” (both released via Canada’s Justin Time Records). The (More...)

Australian artist Kirin J Callinan released his second full-length album “Bravado” (Universal Australia). “Down To Hang” was produced, co-written and programmed by GPS client Damian Taylor, who also mixed the single “S.A.D (Song About Drugs)”. The album aims to sh (More...)