Southern Californian honky-tonk band Nancarrow release their latest single “Hot Chicken” from their forthcoming album, produced, engineered and mixed by GPS client Vance Powell at Sputnik Sound in Nashville, TN. The band infuses raw energy and classic tones to tell their unique brand of (More...)

San-Diego based Latin-rock band Los Hollywood has released their latest single “La Ocho” via Afónico/Sony Music Latin records. The song was produced, engineered, mixed and co-written by produced by GPS client Thom Russo, who also produced their previous EP “Cuco” (Sony Music (More...)

Grammy winning roducer, engineer and mixer Ryan Hewitt is featured in Sound On Sound magazine’s latest Video Documentary Originals. “Hewitt’s career began in New York and saw him assisting Michael Brauer and Phil Ramone. However, it was in LA that he made his name, gaining engineering (More...)

Pop R&B Mexican singer-songwriter Valeria has released her debut album “Worth It”, produced, engineered, mixed and with co-writes by 16-time Grammy winning GPS client Thom Russo. “Worth It” talks about the role of the modern woman as it promotes strength to challenge the (More...)

19-year-old Sydney-based singer/songwriter Odette has released her first single “Watch Me Read You” via EMI Australia, produced and mixed by GPS client Damian Taylor. The song has already received wide attention from initial radio play on Australia’s Triple J, with thousands of Sha (More...)