GPS client Vance Powell is featured in this month’s Sound On Sound video special. ┬áThe 45-minute video has the Grammy-winning producer, engineer and mixer show how he recorded and mixed a song by rock act Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown at his studio Sputnik Sound in Nashville. Powell produc (More...)

American actress and producer Rita Wilson releases her solo self-titled album. The album features production, engineering, mixing and co-writes by GPS’ Mikal Blue including “Grateful”, “I’m Guilty”, “Joni”, “Talking To Me” and “What Y (More...)

The question we hear the most: “am I missing out on royalties?” GPS’ Matt Rod answers this question in Part 3 of our SoundExchange series for producers & mixers. Click post view full video and transcript. Am I Missing Out On Royalties? If you are a producer or mixer with a roy (More...)

Superimpose explores the making of The Range’s new album “Potential”, which exclusively uses the voices of people who posted videos of themselves on YouTube. Damian Taylor contributed several edits to the EP (Domino Records), featuring additional production and mixes from Damian. T (More...)

As a producer or mixer with a royalty on a recorded release, you may be entitled to performance royalties. GPS’ Colin Ramsay takes us through part 2 of our SoundExchange series. Click post to view full video. Why is SoundExchange important? Currently, there is no performance right for over-the (More...)