Part 3: You May Be Missing Out On Royalties

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The question we hear the most: “am I missing out on royalties?” GPS’ Matt Rod answers this question in Part 3 of our SoundExchange series for producers & mixers. Click post view full video and transcript.

Am I Missing Out On Royalties?

If you are a producer or mixer with a royalty on a recorded release that has performed fairly well, yes – it is possible that you are missing out on due royalties.

In the first quarter of 2016 alone, SoundExchange paid out 189 million dollars directly to featured artists and recording copyright owners.

Now, it should be noted that SoundExchange is authorized by regulation to release old, unclaimed royalties in order to offset our costs. So, if you are concerned about historical payments from a previous release – the earlier you tie things up, the better. To our knowledge, SoundExchange is currently able to adjust retroactively to three years.