Blind Boys of Alabama “Almost Home” (Amazon Music) – With Co-Production & Mixing by Vance Powell

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Grammy winning gospel group Blind Boys of Alabama got their start during the Franklin Roosevelt administration and have since been performing for over 70 years. The group now releases its latest album Almost Home, featuring 3 songs co-produced and mixed by GPS client Vance Powell: “Almost Home”, “Singing Brings Us Closer” and ” Prayer for Peace”.

The album celebrates the long and fascinating lives of Jimmy and Clarence Fountain, the group’s longtime leader who is now retired. After extensive interviews with the two, songwriters were asked to listen through the tapes and write songs based on what they heard. The result is a unique collection of songs that make up Almost Home.

“Almost Home serves as a reminder that gospel music, at its core, is American music, and when performed by masters of the craft like the Blind Boys of Alabama, hard divisions between religious and secular fall away. Almost Home is at once a tribute to that enduring spirit, and a worthy coda to a magnificent American story.”Paste Magazine.

Listen to “Singing Brings Us Closer” below, which was produced by Charles Driebe and Vance Powell, and mixed by Vance Powell.

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