Scottish Artist C.Macleod Releases “Kicks In” – Produced & Mixed by Ethan Johns

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Scottish singer-songwriter C. Macleod releases second single “Kicks In” from his forthcoming album, produced and mixed by GPS client Ethan Johns. Macleod, a fifth generation farmer from a Scottish island, describes the single as “a song about wasting time on an island when you’re young, breaking windows and lighting fires, wondering when real life will start and what happens on the other side of the water.” Touring alongside Ethan Johns during a Highland jaunt in 2013, the pair hit it off with the producer agreeing to oversee the artist’s material.

“…there’s a rich sense of poetry to C.Macleod’s work, a sense both of constraint and escapism. The guitars have an almost shoegaze lilt to them, a dreamy sensibility that is echoed by the sheer imagination present in the lyricism.” – Clash Music

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