Bryce Avary (The Rocket Summer)


Bryce Avary is a producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Dallas Fort-Worth, currently based in Los Angeles. Under his solo rock moniker "The Rocket Summer", Avary released six studio albums, reaching #38 on the Billboard 200, and number #4 on the Billboard Rock Chart, selling out shows world wide, and performing at festivals including Glastonbury, Soundwave, Austin City Limits and Warped Tour.

The Rocket Summer’s discography showcases Bryce’s creative work and versatility; he produced, wrote, recorded and performed every instrument on the majority of the releases. His latest album “Zoetic” highlights his sonic evolution from guitar-laden power pop to nuanced soundscapes, without losing sight of the indelibly catchy hooks he’s known for.

After over ten years of developing as an artist and inspiring a devout fan- base, Bryce balances his time between recording and touring as The Rocket Summer and collaborating with outside artists as a producer and co-writer.

In July of 2017, The Rocket Summer released a new single titled "Gone Too Long" (Aviate), mixed by fellow GPS client Billy Bush. Currently Bryce is on a headlining US and UK Tour supporting the 10 Year Anniversary of his breakout album Do You Feel (Island).

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Selected Discography

The Rocket Summer "Gone Too Long" single (Aviate) P, W, Mu, E
The Rocket Summer Zoetic (Aviate) P, W, Mu, E, M
The Rocket Summer Life Will Write The Words (Aviate) P, W, Mu
The Rocket Summer Of Men and Angels (Island Def Jam) P, W, Mu
The Rocket Summer Do You Feel (Island Def Jam) P, W, Mu
The Rocket Summer Hello, Good Friend (The Rocket Summer) P, W, Mu
The Rocket Summer Calendar Days (The Rocket Summer) P, W, Mu
David Archuleta "Stomping The Roses"(JIVE/Sony) Co-W
P- Producer co-W- co-Writer Mu- Musician E- Engineer M-Mixer