Cozmo Lost In Reddit: 6-Hour Live Improvised Soundtrack –
Helio Sound

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Helio Sound was recently hired to compose and perform the soundtrack for the “Cozmo: Lost in Reddit” experience, a live interactive Reddit game that was watched by 2 million viewers. Helio Sound worked closely with Musical Director Ryan Wesley Peterson and Producer Lily Darby to create 8 pieces including “Cozmo’s Theme” and a soundtrack for each of the seven rooms within the Reddit game simulation. The segments ranged from chip-tune to ambient to full orchestral scores, and the event was scored in real-time in front a green screen. Some performances were as short as 2 minutes and others over an hour long depending on the flow of gameplay.

“The game, “Lost in Reddit,” was designed to promote Cozmo, a Pixar-inspired, $180 creation that can play games, learn faces, express emotions and even has an attitude, according to Craig Rechenmacher, chief marketing officer at Anki. The game puts Cozmo in a three-dimensional representation of Reddit with rooms that mimic subreddits. Reddit users’ role is to help Cozmo complete challenges so it can move on to the next room.” – Creativity Online

Watch two of the “rooms” below with music, and learn more about the event and music here.

The Helio Sequence is managed by GPS Management | Record producer management, mixer management, audio engineer management, songwriter management, artist management, Los Angeles, California.