Emmi “Scared Stupid” (Little Red Hen/Kobalt) – Mixed by Joey Raia

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Emmi releases new single “Scared Stupid” and announces trilogy of playlists, mixed by GPS client Joey Raia. The first offering from her three upcoming playlists takes the form of “Lovers”, a tightly-written collection created in LA, London and Hamburg and whose songs explore the confusing, messy world of a modern relationship.

With a staggering catalogue of epic, storytelling pop, Emmi is a distinct and engaging pop-cultural polymath with big ambition, big ideas and big tunes to back it all up, and she might be on the verge of saving pop. – RockYourLyrics.com

Listen to the single below, and get the single here.

Joey Raia is managed by GPS Management | Record producer management, mixer management, audio engineer management, songwriter management, artist management, Los Angeles, California.