Fleetwood Shack Studio

Bill Reynold’s Private Studio | Fleetwood Shack

Bill Reynold’s private studio “Fleetwood Shack” is located in Nashville, TN. The Grammy-nominated producer, engineer, mixer and songwriter has worked with Lissie, The Avett Brothers, Heather Maloney, Liz Longley and Band of Horses.

The studio is centered around a 56-input British DDA console made by legendary designer David Dearden, who went on to make a similar console delivered to John Lennon for the Imagine album recording sessions. Reynolds uses it in conjunction with an original MCI JH-24: one of the industry standard tape machines for analog audio recording since the early 70s.

Former home to producer Jay Joyce, the studio consists of a large control room, one live room and two isolation booths. The studio is equipped with an array of vintage and modern microphones, guitars, drums, other instruments, and outboard gear.

The studio allows for Reynolds to do anything from tracking bands, overdubs, production, writing sessions, to mixing without the need for additional recording studios, all in a single convenient and comfortable location.

For Bill Reynold’s discography, selected audio highlights, biography and more, visit his client page.

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