Hymn for Her “Blue Balloons – Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Vance Powell

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Hymn For Her has released the new single “Blue Balloons” from their forthcoming album Pop-N-Downers. The album, due for release October 5th, was produced, engineered and mixed by GPS client Vance Powell. The band is currently touring Europe and will return to the USA in September to continue in support of the forthcoming album.

“Pop-N-Downers promises listeners an exciting ride, from the opening, aforementioned “Blue Balloons” to the ’90s radio pop-reminiscent “November” and “Scoop” to the World-y “Roses” and beyond. Hymn For Her offers a take on roots music that includes seeds planted in corners of the world rather than the corners of a specific nation. The result is a refreshing collection of songs, led by the decidedly Beatles-esque (and aforementioned) ‘Blue Balloons'”. – Pop Matters

Listen to the single below, and pre-order the album here

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