Interview: 10 Questions With Producer, Songwriter & Guitarist Lincoln Parish

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Lincoln Parish is a record producer, songwriter, and guitarist based in Nashville, TN who has worked with artists including Lissie, The Moxies, Run River North, Rebecca Roubion, American Idol’s Paul McDonald and Lucinda Williams. Best known as the lead guitarist for Cage the Elephant, Parish co-wrote and played guitar on their first three albums including the Grammy nominated album Melophobia (RCA) and its No. 1 single “Come A Little Closer”. GPS caught up with Lincoln between sessions at his Talkbox Rodeo studio in Nashville to answer our exclusive ’10 Questions’.

1. What does a typical day in the life of Lincoln Parish look like?

A typical day for me usually starts pretty early for me. I wake up around 6:30am most days without the help of an alarm, and I love mixing first thing in the morning so this is where I usually would listen back to the previous days work with fresh ears and making revisions. I might do that til 9am then I take a break, hit the gym and have some breakfast. I come back and start my session for that day around 11 or Noon. I’m come from the school of you work til it’s done or feels right in the moment, so some days a session may only be a few hours and others it could be 14. I kind of love that about what I do!

2. Best guitar shop in Nashville?

East Side Music supply and Carter’s Vintage. East Side has a lot of cool vintage quirky gear that you just don’t see everywhere and Carter’s has everything under the sun at fair and reasonable prices.

3. What’s one of your most memorable sessions in the studio?

One of the most memorable sessions in my career thus far would have to be working on a jeep commercial with Lucinda Williams. You kind of have to pinch yourself in a moment like that and ask yourself how did I get here?! Lucinda is the real deal.

4. If you could go back in time and work during any era of music, when would it be?

I would have to say I really wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall in Sun Studio during the years when various members of the “Million Dollar Quartet” would’ve been creating and finding their sound just within those walls. Walking into Sun Studio, it’s amazing to see how such a big movement in music came from such a tiny room – that’s inspiring to me.

5. Best remedy if you’re stuck on a song?

Stop. You can always come back to it. Y ou might listen the next day and it become really clear what needs to be done, or you might listen the next day and realize the song actually wasn’t as good as you thought the day before. I think practicing humility in making music is soo important…

6. How often do you work in mono?

How often do I work in mono? Never, although I might quickly check phase issues in mono on my board from time to time.

7. The ultimate guitar amp is… ?

I’ve got this tiny little old National Fet transistor amp from the early ’60s. It has THE BEST tremolo off an amp I’ve heard and has the fattest warm clean tones. I’ve been using it on everything lately.

8. Last piece of gear you bought?

The last two pieces of gear I bought for the studio were a fender rhodes and Yamaha CP 70. I randomly ran into two great deals on these in the same week and just couldn’t pass on these classics..

9. What are you listening to that you’ve recently enjoyed?

I’ve recently been obsessed with this artist Albin Lee Meldau. A friend in NYC randomly posted a video of this guy playing a tiny club in the city and within 10 seconds of hearing this guy I was hooked and went and downloaded everything he’s put out. He’s great. I love the new queens of the Stone Age record as well, I also really appreciate the new dynamic that Mark Ronsons production bring to the table. It definitely is probably their danciest record yet, and I’m not mad about it!

10. How often, would you say, does Pro Tools crash on you?

Probably if I’m lucky only once a day but it’s usually several times a day throughout, its kind of hard to keep up…

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