Jesse Dayton “The Outsider” (Blue Elan Records) – Mixed by Vance Powell

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Jesse Dayton has released his latest full-length studio album “The Outsider” (Blue Elan Records), mixed by GPS client Vance Powell. Having worked as a guitarist for hire with everyone from Waylon Jennings to Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Glen Campbell, the Supersuckers and even punk rockers X; scoring films for Rob Zombie; Dayton is also a respected songwriter. Hal Horowiz of American Songwriter writes:

“The Outsider” is a lean, mean release that clocks in at barely a half hour, but with no fat. It deserves to be the disc that brings Dayton long overdue popular acclaim. Yet even if it’s not, he’s a journeyman who will keep plugging away, fighting the good fight by fanning the flames of pure, unvarnished Americana.

Listen to the full album below:

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