Joey Raia Studio

Joey Raia’s Private Mix & Production Room | Dobbs Ferry

Joey Raia’s private mix and production studio is located in Dobbs Ferry, New York. Raia enlisted veteran studio designer Francis Manzella to design and build his custom studio.

The main acoustic concept behind the room combines two sonically different environments – a mix room and a tracking space – into one. Acoustic treatments were carefully conceived to maintain the open feel of the space while providing an accurate platform for mixing hit records. A big part of Raia’s workflow, for example, is the re-amping process:

“In the days of soft-synths, I find it is a necessity to get things sounding big and real. I like to do the re-amping within the control room, so it was important to me that the room also had some spacial acoustic characteristics. In addition, I find that it’s harder to get mixes that translate well in the real world if you’re mixing in a non-real world sounding room.”

Comfort, light and space were also a priority. The room is also large enough to easily facilitate bringing in large keyboard rigs, guitar rigs or percussion instruments for overdub or production sessions.

The studio contains multiple skylights and also offers signature indirect LED cove mood lighting, allowing clients to feel as comfortable sitting back listening to mixes, as grabbing an instrument and getting involved in the production process.

For Joey Raia’s discography, selected audio highlights, biography and more, visit his client page.

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