Passenger “Let Her Go” YouTube Orchestra (Nettwerk) – Arranged, Edited & Mixed by Damian Taylor

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Passenger’s “Let Her Go” became one of only 46 videos on YouTube to garner one billion views, having been viewed upwards of 1.3 billion times. Passenger, together with Nettwerk Records, released a new version of the video to celebrate. The video seamlessly edits together some of the more than 2,500 cover versions of “Let Her Go” that appear on YouTube into one single “YouTube Orchestra” performance. The audio was handled by GPS client Damian Taylor, who compiled, arranged, edited and mixed all of the music together.

“To put this version of ‘Let Her Go’ together, I drew from over sixty versions of the song that people all over the world had uploaded to YouTube. (…) it was a case of a huge amount of experimentation and digital number crunching to find the most satisfying way to weave all the diverse worlds together. The whole challenge of putting this version together wound up being a really refreshing and enjoyable change from my usual music only production work.” – Damian Taylor.

View the original video here.