Paul McCartney “Egypt Station” (Capitol/UMG) – Engineering By Billy Bush

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Sir Paul McCartney has released “Egypt Station” (Capitol Records), his 17th solo album. Los Angeles sessions were engineered by GPS client Billy Bush and the album was produced by Greg Kurstin. It has received glowing reviews, including those from NME, The Guardian, The Rolling Stone and Billboard.

“His enchanting affability and left-field stylistic diversions keep you engrossed, and on Egypt Station, that mixture of ramshackle charm and studio workmanship has given us his best album in years. – Billboard

Bush engineered the following songs on the album:

  • “I Don’t know”
  • “Happy with you”
  • “Who cares”
  • “Hand In hand”
  • “Dominoes”
  • “Back in Brazil”
  • “Caesar rock”
  • “Hunt You Down / Naked / C-Link”
  • Listen to the album below:

    Billy Bush is managed by GPS Management | Record producer management, mixer management, audio engineer management, songwriter management, artist management, Los Angeles, California.