Petra Glynt Shares Latest Single “Up To The People” (Vibe Over Method) – Mixed by Damian Taylor

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Electronic artist Petra Glynt has released the latest single “Up To The People” from her forthcoming album “This Trip”, mixed by GPS client Damian Taylor. The song takes inspiration from Glynt’s realization of the enormous positive power wielded by a unified and diverse population, and is coupled with a Doldrums’ stark, sped up, and viciously intense remix “inspired by power drills and machines in pain”. The album is due for release October 27th via Taylor’s Vibe Over Method imprint.

If the ecstatic pop experiments of Petra Glynt are any indication of what to expect from Damian Taylor’s new Vibe Over Method imprint, then we won’t be hearing people refer to the producer as “longtime Björk collaborator Damian Taylor” much longer. He’ll simply be known as a champion of cutting edge music.self-titledmag.com

Listen to the single and its remix below, and visit Petra Glynt’s official website here.

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