Part 4: How To Get Set Up For SoundExchange Royalties

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So, how exactly do you get set up in order to receive royalties from SoundExchange as a producer or a mixer? GPS’ Matt Rod takes a look in the final video of our SoundExchange series for producers & mixers. Click post view full video and transcript.

What Do I Need To Do To Receive Royalties?
Firstly, you will need a letter of direction from the artist authorizing SoundExchange to pay you directly. This letter typically outlines the percentage due to you, a list of the recorded song tiles, and a signature by the artist herself. If it is a band, all members will need to sign.

Secondly, the artist herself needs to be registered with SoundExchange, as does the record label or owner of the recording. There is no fee for this process. It is not necessary for the producer or mixer to be registered.

One should remember that it is beneficial for all parties involved to be registered and have accurate repertoire submitted. SoundExchange has more than 20 collection agreements with counterparts in multiple countries worldwide. When your music is played in their territory, SoundExchange will collect royalties and distribute these payments directly to the artist, record label, and any authorized third parties – such as a producer or mixer.