Rosanne Cash “Nothing But The Truth” (Blue Note) – Mixed & Engineered by Ryan Freeland

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Rosanne Cash’s new album She Remembers Everything (Blue Note) is out today, featuring the bonus track “Nothing But The Truth” mixed and engineered by GPS client Ryan Freeland. The album, produced by John Leventhal, features Elvis Costello, Kris Kristofferson and Sam Phillips.

Her voice finds equipoise in those mixed emotions. It seems transparent, always natural and confiding, never forced. The nearly unornamented way she carries melodies, shading some words with the tiniest bit of a quaver, comes across as both pensive and determined, and it lets her find mythic resonances behind everyday details. – NYTimes

Rosanne Cash is the daughter of Johnny Cash. Listen to the album below and for more, visit the official website.

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