Stampede Origin Studio

Ryan Freeland’s Private Studio | Stampede Origin, Culver City CA

Ryan Freeland’s custom-built two story studio “Stampede Origin Studio” is located in Culver City, CA. In designing the studio, Freeland felt it was important to have a space in which he could carry out all of his roles – as producer, engineer, and/or mixer – and to meet the demands of artists without having to go to larger and more expensive studios.

The first level of the two-story facility features a large live room (often used for tracking drums, horns and string sections), two isolation booths and two amplifier closets, while the second floor hosts the main control room, listening area, kitchenette and a third isolation booth. Five full-racks house most of the outboard gear, and a large collection of new and vintage microphones and instruments is available. High ceilings and skylights give the the control room and listening area an expansive feel with plenty natural light.

Freeland is a 4-time Grammy award winning producer, engineer and mixer known for his work with Bonnie Raitt, Ray LaMontagne, Hugh Laurie, Aimee Mann, Joe Henry, Grant-Lee Phillips, Ingrid Michaelson, Loudon Wainwright III, Rodney Crowell, Alana Davis, and Jonatha Brooke. The facility allows artists the ability to carry out any recording, production and/or or mixing tasks without having to leave the studio.

For Ryan Freeland’s discography, selected audio highlights, biography and more, visit his client page. For more on the studio, watch the GPS exclusive video below.

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