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San-Diego based Latin-rock band Los Hollywood has released their latest single “La Ocho” via Afónico/Sony Music Latin records. The song was produced, engineered, mixed and co-written by produced by GPS client Thom Russo, who also produced the

Pop R&B Mexican singer-songwriter Valeria has released her debut album “Worth It”, produced, engineered, mixed and with co-writes by 16-time Grammy winning GPS client Thom Russo. “Worth It” talks about the role of the modern w

San-Diego band Los Hollywood has released the official music video for the single “Cuco” off their self-titled EP (Afónico/Sony Music Latin), produced by GPS client Thom Russo. The band is currently in the studio with Russo working on their t

Spanish sensation Huecco recently held a special performance at the Beverly Hills Gibson Showroom in Los Angeles to showcase his album “Lobbo” to U.S. record labels. The album features mixing and additional production by GPS client Thom Russo, who als

Four GPS clients have been nominated in the 59th Grammy Awards, which will take place in February of 2017. The nominees are Vance Powell (Beyoncé), Thom Russo (Laura Puasini), Dana Nielsen (The Avett Brothers) and Noah Georgeson (Ile). The categories for