Smashing Pumpkins’ William Patrick Corgan “Oligala” (BMG) – Engineered by Dana Nielsen

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It’s been 12 years since Billy Corgan, leader and sole remaining original member of Smashing Pumpkins, released a solo album. The album, out today via BMG, was produced by studio veteran Rick Rubin and engineered by GPS client Dana Nielsen. Corgan plans to release an original silent film, co-directed with his longtime collaborator Linda Strawberry, at the end of this month. Scenes of the film can be found in the music video for the album’s second single “The Spaniards” (below). The Ogilala tour kicks off tomorrow in NYC and ends in Los Angeles. Visit the official website for more.

“Adding depth to Corgan’s already formidable body of work, Ogilala strikes a breathtaking balance between intimacy and imagination.” – Jason Heller, NPR

Dana Nielsen is managed by GPS Management | Record producer management, mixer management, audio engineer management, songwriter management, artist management, Los Angeles, California.