Bill Reynolds Album


1. The Avett Brothers "Shame" (Ramseur) - Co-P, E

2. The Avett Brothers "Paranoia In B Major" (Ramseur Records) - Co-P, E

3. Tyler Ramsey "1000 Black Birds" (Fat Possum Records) - P, E, M

4. Band of Horses "Blue Beard" (Columbia) - P, E, M, Mu

5. Tim Chaisson "Miss Saying Goodbye" (ABC/MDM) - P, Mu

6. Lissie "Everywhere I Go" (Fat Possum Records) - P, E, M

7. Band of Horses "No Ones Gonna Love You" (Huger Lewis) -M

8. Carl Broemel "Wished Out" (Thirty Tigers) - M

9. Lissie "Sand" (Lionboy) - P, E, M, Co-w

10. Soft Continent "Scars" (Self-Released) - Co-P, M

11. Sea Stars "Sweet Mourning" -M

12. Tim Chaisson "Miss Saying Goodbye" (ABC/MDM) - P

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