Thom Monahan Album


1. Fruit Bats "Gold Past Life" (Merge) - P, E, M

2. Bedouine "Dusty Eyes" (Spacebomb) - M

3. Bloodboy "Hey Kid" - P, M

4. Horse Thief "Devil" (Bella Union) - P, E, M

5. DanDave Depper "Do You Want Love? " (Tender Loving Empire) - M

6. Devendra Banhart "I Feel Just Like a Child" (XL) - P, E, M

7. LIV "Wings of Love" (Ingrid) - E

8. Neko Case "Bad Luck" (Anti) - E

9. Omar Velasco "Va (Fuerza Natural)" - M

10. Peter Bjorn and John "Do Si Do" (Cobalt) - P, E

11. The Donkeys "Ride the Black Wave" (Easy Sound) - M

12. Wild Nothing "Reichpop" (Captured Tracks) - P, E

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