Amanda Blank – Mixed by Damian Taylor

Paper Magazine premieres Amanda Blank’s new single “Put Me Out” (Vibe Over Method), mixed by Damian Taylor. The song, released via Taylor’s label and publishing imprint Vibe Over Method, is the first released in a decade by Blank and will be part of her forthcoming album The Ruiner. Blank is also currently the opening act for Santigold on tour.

“Put Me Out” is a breath of fresh air in an increasingly digital pop landscape. At its core, it is a starry-eyed love song, reminiscent of your ’90s high school prom, where the coolest girl in school played live. It incorporates AM radio rock with electric riffs in Blank’s confessional verses, before slowing to a dreamy Mazzy Star-esque swing for the chorus.” – Paper Mag

Listen to the single below: