Bettye Lavette "Blackbird"

Bettye LaVette- Mixed & Engineered by Dave O’Donnell (Verve)

Bettye LaVette releases new album Blackbird?(Verve/UMG),?mixed and engineered by GPS client Dave O’Donnell. The album features cover songs originally popularized by black women from the ’50s and ’60s, and was produced by Steve Jordan.

“Against the backdrop of the rancorous summer of 2020, LaVette?s soaring ?Blackbird? comes across as a pained but hopeful lament. Her stark take on Billie Holiday?s iconic ?Strange Fruit? ? written in 1937 about the lynchings of African-Americans ? feels haunting and anguished. ?It sounds like they wrote it last week about this situation,? LaVette said” – NYTimes

Listen below: