Bombo Estéreo Tierra

Bomba Estéreo Releases New EP Tierra – Mixed with Ad-Production by Damian Taylor (Sony Music Latin)

Turn it up! The brand new EP Tierra (Sony Music Latin) by Bomba Estéreo is out now! This new three-song EP features the track Conexión Total featuring Nigerian star Yemi Alade. ✨ 

Tierra features additional production and was mixed by GPS client Damian Taylor.

“Collaborating with Yemi is a huge honor for us,” Bomba Estéreo founder Simon Mejia said in a statement. “Since we started, our music has been deeply inspired by Africa in all senses. Colombia’s folk music owes a lot to the mother continent, that powerful mix of African drums and marimbas, with indigenous flutes and chants is the base of the incredible soundscape of this country. Yemi is a great artist and has an amazing voice. We’re really happy to keep on extending the cultural and ancestral ties that bond Africa with South America.” – Pitchfork

Listen to the EP below!