Carmen Rizzo

Carmen Rizzo – Too Rude (Electrofone)

GPS client Carmen Rizzo’s “Too Rude” (Electrofone) has been re-released to celebrate its 15th anniversary. The package features a new remaster, and two new remixes including one by Telefon Tel Aviv Charlie Cooper.

“At the peak of Trip Hop in the early 2000?s, I went to Bristol, England, where Massive Attack and Portishead started it all. I went there to collaborate with a band I adored called Alpha, who were signed to Massive Attack?s label, Melankolic. Once I got back to LA, I asked a friend of mine, Esthero, to sing on this track. Instantly after walking into my studio, she sang this beautiful melody and lyrics, and ?Too Rude? was written. Shortly after the release of my first album ?The Lost Art of the Idle Moment? in 2005, I became friends with the band Telefon Tel Aviv (Josh Eustis and Charlie Cooper). Their music blew me away and I really wanted to collaborate with them. I asked the late, great Charlie Cooper to do a few remixes for me. So for the 15th anniversary of the song ?Too Rude,? I decided to remaster and release the amazing work of some incredible collaborators who helped me bring this beautiful song to life.” – Carmen Rizzo

Listen below: