Crocodyle – Produced by Lincoln Parish

Sharing a Twin Bed is out today from Nashville-based Crocodyle, produced by GPS client Lincoln Parish. The rock ‘n’ roll trio is made up of Hays Thompson on drums, Victor Pacek on bass, and Huxley Rittman on guitar and vocals.

On working with Parish, Crocodyle’s members share with The Aquarian:

Thompson: “He has a great energy where he’s down to try anything and is really there for the song. On some songs he would add some keys in the background and other just very subtle things, that I think bring up the tracks as a whole. I had a great experience working with him.”

Rittman: “…Lincoln wouldn’t hesitate to throw out all kinds of specific ideas and even suggest that we omit sections of a song altogether. I was glad that everyone in the room, us and him, both had a “Let’s try it all!” approach”

Listen to the full EP below: