Jamie Lidell and Dave Sitek Podcast "Hanging with Audiophiles"

Dave Sitek with Jamie Lidell – “Hanging Out With Audiophiles”

GPS client Dave Sitek?is featured on Jamie Lidell’s latest episode of the podcast Hanging Out With Audiophiles.

“Merry Crimble one and all! Yo ho ho and so forth as we smoke some peace at Dave’s house. I hope you are all enjoying some down time and it’s good hang. If not I call this one the escape pod so hopefully you can relax a little as we get into our hearty end of year ramblathon. We get into a lengthy one about the power of boredom, the inevitable struggles with loneliness in 2019/2020 and many a juicy topic. In the nitty I make EVERYTHING sleigh. Yep. That’s right. Kind sponsorship comes from Dave’s fave monitor folk ADAM AUDIO. makers of rather fine speakers. Dave has 2 pairs. They are banging.”

Listen to the podcast below: