Echosmith Gelato

Echosmith’s “Gelato” Mixed By Michael Brauer

The new single “Gelato” by Echosmith is out now! The track was mixed by GPS client Michael Brauer at his state of the art studio, Brauer Sound Studios.

Singer Sydney Sierota shared about the new song to the Cleveland Scene:

“It’s about how we are all going through a lot, and we have a lot on our minds,” says Sierota when asked about the track. “I struggle a lot with feeling present. I find myself romanticizing the past or worrying about what might happen tomorrow. This song encompasses that feeling of ‘we do feel that way and that’s real, but let’s take a moment to be here right now and choose to be okay without knowing about tomorrow.’ Sometimes, you need a break from overthinking and overanalyzing and your bills and loans and all those things we struggle with. Sometimes, you need a break from that or life can be too exhausting. It’s about being present with the people you are with and deciding to choose to that.”

The band of siblings from LA are now on tour across the US through November and are performing live in the city of angels on November 17th. Listen to the full version of their new track below!