Fana Hues "Snakes x Elephants"

Fana Hues – Mixed by Quentin ‘Q’ Gilkey (Bright Antenna)

Fana Hues releases new single “snakes x elephants” (Bright Antenna Records),?mixed by GPS client Quentin ‘Q’ Gilkey, along with an official music video directed by Amir Hadiya and Fana Hues. It is the follow up to her debut single ?“Notice Me”, also mixed by Q.

“The 24 year-old artist shines with a matured confidence and a tested resilience in her latest release, ?snakes x elephants?. Lyrically, Fana paints a delicate, fragile picture of trust. Searching for soul, she ignores all signs telling her this was the wrong way. Giving our gifts to those who were never taught to value them echoes all the way from fana?s voice to the visuals. More than this, ?snakes x elephants? is a lesson. Traced with careful sympathy but sung with seriousness, it feels like your older sister giving you life advice.” – Early Rising

Watch the official video below: