Fana Hues "Hues"

Fana Hues – Mixed by Quentin ‘Q’ Gilkey (Bright Antenna)

Fan Hues releases debut album Hues?(Bright Antenna Records),?mixed by GPS client Quentin ‘Q’ Gilkey.

“The California newcomer?s debut collection is an immensely promising, no-holds-barred reflection on bad relationships and their aftermath. Across 24 uncompromising minutes, Hues painstakingly digs through the rubble of a failed relationship, threads of adoration and ecstasy glimmering amidst swaths of rage and regret. The Pasadena-based 25-year-old?s honesty is as captivating as her beat-heavy pop, which is indebted to psychedelia and rock as well as R&B and hip-hop. – Paste Magazine

Listen to the album below: