Fink’s True Detective Sync – Produced, Engineered, Mixed by Billy Bush

Are you watching season 4 of HBO’s crime series True Detective?

We love hearing one of our favorite tracks resurface with a sync of Fink’s “Warm Shadow” from the critically acclaimed 2011 album Perfect Darkness (Ninja Tune).
Perfect Darkness was produced, engineered and mixed by GPS client  Billy Bush.

Fink shared about the track on IG:

“Warm Shadow really was the dark horse on the Perfect Darkness record – we finished it in the studio at the time of recording as it was one of the tracks we had promised Ninja Tune we had already written – but we blatantly hadn’t …. It was weird, it was sparse, it was a live studio moment – but this track has continued to punch above its weight ever since, turning into somewhat of a sync beast as well as a live favourite…”

Listen to the song below: