Garbage EP ‘Lie to Me’ – Engineered and Mixed by Billy Bush

Check out the newest EP Lie To Me from Garbage.

It includes four brand new tracks including “Better Not Lie to Me,” featured below. It was originally released as a vinyl for Record Store Day 2024 and is now available across all platforms.

The EP was engineered and mixed by  Billy Bush.

From Stereo Gum –
The Lie To Me EP has two completely new songs, the revved up pop-punk anthem “Better Not Lie To Me” and the clanking, wounded “Revenge And Hurt.” The band cowrote the former song with Rancid leader Tim Armstrong, and you can totally tell. The EP also has Garbage’s take on “Song To The Siren,” the folk classic that the late Tim Buckley originally released in 1970. There’s also a remix of Garbage’s 2005 track “Bad Boyfriend,” featuring Dave Grohl on drums.

Listen to “Better Not Lie to Me,” below: