Grammys 2023

GPS Client Grammy Nominations: Dave Sitek, Mark Rankin, Tucker Martine, Benjamin Rice, Joey Raia

Congratulations to GPS clients Dave Sitek, Mark Rankin, Tucker Martine, Benjamin Rice and Joey Raia!

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs were nominated for Best Alternative Music Album for their new album Cool It Down which was features tracks produced by and co-written by Dave Sitek.

Next up is Mark Rankin who produced 8 and mixed 2 tracks on the album Lucifer on the Sofa, from Spoon, nominated for Best Rock Album.

Madison Cunningham received a Best Folk Album nomination for Revealer. Tucker Martine produced the track “In From Japan” on the nominated album.

Top Gun: Maverick was nominated for Best Compilation Soundtrack. The hit track from the album, “Hold My Hand,” features vocal production, additional production and was mixed by Benjamin Rice.

Lastly, Disney’s Encanto was also nominated for Best Compilation Soundtrack which was engineered by Joey Raia.

Listen to some of the nominated music below: