New Single “I Get High” from Iskwē – Co-Written, Produced & Mixed by Damian Taylor

Check out the new song “I Get High” from Canadian artist Iskwē featuring Nina Hagen.

The song was co-written, produced and mixed by GPS client, Damian Taylor.

In a press release the artist and activist shared:

“I grew up smoking weed, listening to Nina Hagen, and singing loudly when I knew no one was listening; always self-conscious, always self-aware. Inspired by the freedom of letting go of what others think, ‘I Get High’ isn’t just a song to spark up to…This piece was written in response to a painful experience of mine, where I wanted to remind people of the power of love and the importance of supporting each other in this lifetime, rather than trying to cancel each other out. I realized it was finally time to let go of worrying about what people thought of me and my art.”

Listen to the track below: