Aesop Rock x Blockhead

New Single Jazzhands from Aesop Rock x Blockhead – Mixed by Joey Raia

The new single “Jazzhands” from Aesop Rock x Blockhead is out now! The track was mixed by GPS client Joey Raia.

The single is the first release off of the forthcoming album Garbology due out November 12 via Rhymesavers Entertainment.

“The album came together as Aesop was processing the death of a close friend in January 2020. “The world got real weird during those month,” he said. “I knew at some point I had to get back to making something. Make a beat. Draw a picture. Write. Just go. But the idea of making a beat felt like math homework, and drawing is just so hard. Writing is hard too, but at some point I had to pick one.” ” – Brooklyn Vegan

Watch the video below: