Jesse Lynn Madera

Jesse Lynn Madera ‘¡Hola Papi!’- Mixed by Ryan Hewitt

Check out the new single ¡HolaPapi! from Jesse Lynn Madera featuring Hemky Madera.

The track was mixed by GPS client Ryan Hewitt! 

Madera shared to journalist Chris Epting : “We have a really fun song and video coming out this fall! The song is called “Hola Papi.” I wrote and recorded it many, many years ago, in the first year we were together. At the time, he’d just finished up his role on the TV show Weeds. I wrote this song with the intention of getting it placed on the show, but the timing didn’t work out. I was bummed and tucked it away. It’s an eccentric little number, and I had no idea what to do with it for the longest time. Fortunes, in its genre defiance, paved the way for “Hola Papi.” And now the song has a road to gleefully skate down. It’s going to be fun.”

Listen to the track, below: