Jesse Lynn Madera Revel

Jesse Lynn Madera ‘Revel’- Mixed by Ryan Hewitt

The beautiful and hope-filled new single Revel from Jesse Lynn Madera is out now! The track was mixed by GPS client Ryan Hewitt! 

“I wrote ‘Revel’ right before the holidays in 2020. I needed some hope and figured other people could use some too. Some of my family members were recovering from covid, and maybe I was trying to write my way out of my own fears concerning the virus. I’m always thinking of what I can look forward to in life – that is what keeps me going, day-to-day, and that seemed like the best thing I could share with the world at the time. I’ve put a lot of thought this past year into what purpose I actually serve. I’m not a doctor, a teacher, or an essential worker. What responsibility did I have as an artist? How could I be of service? ‘Revel’ was the answer, and humble offering, that emerged from those questions.” – Jesse Lynn Madera

Listen to the track below!