Lasse Passage "Sunwards"

Lasse Passage – Mixed by Noah Georgeson (Sofa Music)

Lasse Passage releases new album Sunwards (Sofa Music),?mixed by GPS client Noah Georgeson. It is the artist and songwriter’s third studio album, and?came into being while traveling alone with an acoustic guitar in Mexico.

“Sunwards is perhaps Passage’s most accessible and ambitious production to this date. It features a band from the top shelf of the Scandinavian jazz scene (Andreas Werliin, Jo Berger Myhre, Andreas Stensland L?we, Kim Myhr, Anders Hostad S?r?s, Espen Reinertsen and Eivind L?nning), and is mixed by Noah Georgeson, a Grammy winning producer, recording, and mixing engineer, known for his work with Joanna Newsom, Devendra Banhart, The Strokes and Norah Jones.” ?-?Broadway World

Listen to the album below: