Laura Marling "Song For Our Daughter"

Laura Marling – Produced by Ethan Johns (Chrysalis)

Laura Marling releases her seventh studio album, “Song For Our Daughter” (Chrysalis/Partisan), produced by GPS client Ethan Johns together with Marling. The album was released ahead of schedule due to the current pandemic. Critics say of the album:

“The release is something of a surprise, a burst of novelty within the new normal. Across 10 air-tight tracks, meticulously crafted and elegantly delivered, it?s an absolute triumph.”NME

“Written to an imaginary child about ?what it is to be a woman in this society?, the singer?s seventh album is alternately intimate, sneering and sad, and lavished with gorgeous melodies.”The Guardian UK

“Not for nothing was she hailed, on more than one occasion, the voice of a generation. More subtle than her previous works, these new?songs are as fragmented and beautiful as stained glass (…) What a marvel this album is.”Independent UK

Listen to it below: