Christian ‘Leggy’ Langdon is a record producer, mixer and songwriter known for his work with artists including Meg Myers, Banks, Amos Lee, Jamie N Commons, Ed Sheeran, Ben Platt, The Pierces, Fletcher and Caitlyn Smith to name a few. He is currently based in Los Angeles, California. Learn more about his studio, LEGRoom Only Studios, below.

What was the goal with the redesign of your room?

For almost the past five years I have been working in the same configuration and workflow. Every record I have done has been done that way. I was starting to feel to complacent with my approach and felt I was beginning to lean too much on my process. It was beginning to feel stale and I wanted to not only reenegrgize the space but also reenergize my approach to making records. I need to feel inspired and the space needs to fulfill that.


Is the set up inspired by anything? (Other studios you?ve worked in, design styles, etc)

Not specifically but aesthetic is very important to me. I belive ones environment for creativity is paramount. The space needs to be technically practical of course but not at the expense of vibe and feeling. I dont like direct light all coming from one spot, like over head lighting. There are 18 lamps in the studio all with Edison bulbs which give off a beautiful warm glow which is not only inviting but also ashtetcially pleasing for me. Also, having the windows looking out into the magic forest was a must. I spent many years of my life in studios with no windows and after making a record in Topanga a few years ago I realized how important natural light is for productivity and creativity. I want it to feel like a cross between a living room and a opium den 😉


Any particular gear that?s a focus for you? (i.e. you wanted to have immediate access to XYZ because you use it on every project, etc)

I use a multiple DAW set up (Cubase for midi programing and Pro Tools for audio recording and mixing) With this re design I have gone from 2 computers to one very powerful machine that can handle both rigs. This simplifies the workflow and allows me to focus in the center of the room in the listening position. That being said I have now set up 2 other ?stations? to the left and right of the main console. One is a ?live area? where the live piano and vocals are tracked. The other is a ?creative/programming? area where beat making, synths and pedals all can be integrated into each other in a super fun and creative way. Along with an amp room, everything is already patched in, and through my Rednet system Cubase and Pro Tools are permanently linked so I can route anything to anything very quickly. This is great for on the fly ideas that can happen when the creative process is in full swing. I am now running 2x HDX Pro Tools system allowing 128 channels of Rednet audio streaming from Cubase to Pro Tools in realtime. I have a bunch of cool synths, Gtr pedals and drums machines, along with some awesome outboard that I use on when tracking. LEGRoom 2.0 is my dream studio.

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