Morrissey – Produced by Joe Chiccarelli, Mixed by Ryan Freeland

Morrissey has released the second single from his forthcoming album?California Son, produced by GPS client Joe Chiccarelli and mixed by GPS client Ryan Freeland. The single is?an original composition, separate from the upcoming covers collection California Son.

“‘I Thought You Were Dead’ is a murky, Romani-influenced number replete with a roaring violin solo that sounds like you?re at the bottom of a swimming pool in Moscow in 1934 with a White Russian cocktail spooling into the chlorinated water. Co-written with Jesse Tobias, with whom Morrissey has worked since 2005, it?s the sound of a musician who appears unlikely to start compromising any time soon. No-one else would?ve released this song, and fewer still could have made it work. If he has appeared determined to alienate long-time fans in recent years, here?s proof that the music can still sound excitingly eccentric.”NME

Listen to the single below: