Naeem "Startisha" Mixer Damian Taylor

Naeem – Mixed with Ad. Production by Damian Taylor (37d03d)

Naeem releases new album Startisha,?mixed and with additional production by GPS client Damian Taylor. The album began four years?ago in Philadelphia. Naeem, formerly known as Spank Rock, later continued work on the record at Justin Vernon?s home studio. Startisha features contributions from Vernon, Francis and the Lights, Ryan Olson, Swamp Dogg, Velvet Negroni, Amanda Blank, and Micah James.

“Naeem Juwan steps away from the Spank Rock persona on an album that drifts between manic experimentation and somber fury. It?s the work of a freer musician, one unburdened by internet hype.”Jackson Howard, PitchFork

Listen below: