New Craig Wedren Album Mixed by Billy Bush

Shudder to Think frontman and ‘Yellowjackets’ composer Craig Wedren has returned with his first full length album since 2017. Check out “Fingers on My Face” – the first single of the forthcoming album, ‘The Dream Dreaming’ – due out January 26th.

The album was mixed by GPS client  Billy Bush.

Wedren shared about the track:
“‘Fingers On My Face’ is a time traveling song that takes us backward and forward, from my teens into old age, but always from the perspective of the present. It’s about the speed of things, and the ever changing, taffy-like experience of time.”

“Mainly, ‘Fingers On My Face’ is a reminder that physical contact is a reliably transcendent force that can help us get out of our heads -regretting or mythologizing the past, worrying about or anticipating the future- and into our bodies in the here-and-now, snapping us out of our trance and connecting us to eternity and to each other.”

Watch the video below: