Axel Flovent - Coexist

New EP “Coexist” from Axel Flóvent -Ad Prod & Mixed by Damian Taylor

Coexist – the new EP from Axel Flovent is out now. Check out the hauntingly emotional instrumental piano track with the same name, featured here.

The EP is a collection of collaborate tracks with artists from around the world and features additional production and was mixed by GPS client, Damian Taylor.

The director of the visual piece that accompanies the track Clara Lilla shared her thoughts on the theme:

“Coexist – We coexist with everything around us and in us. Some of us might only think about coexisting with other humans, and think about verbal communication. We interact, our behaviour gets mirrored, and so we find a way to coexist or part ways. But we are in silent ongoing relationship with all that is on this planet. The biggest part of that is the nature around us, that keeps on giving us life, without asking for much in return but to treat it with care. It isn’t really too much to ask, is it? We are being mirrored here as well, and if you listen you can hear it’s answer unbearably loud.”

Check out the full EP below: