Odette – Produced, Engineered, Mixed with Co-Writes by Damian Taylor (EMI Australia)

Odette has released her sophomore album Herald (EMI Australia), with production, engineering, mixing and co-writes by Damian Taylor, which plays out like a coming-of-age drama minus the Hollywood happy ending. ?The 23-year old artist from Australia explores almost every emotion one feels when navigating the rocky road to becoming an adult- love, heartbreak, grief, anger, self-analysis, accountability- you name it, it’s on there.

Taylor mixed the entire album, and also produced, engineered, mixed and co-wrote(*) the following tracks: “Herald”*, “Trial by Fire”, “What I Know Is Not Enough”*, “Amends” and “Wait for You”. ?On working with Taylor, Odette shares, “He was like, Georgia, I just want you to let go and deep dive into your world and make something from it. So I feel like I was a lot bolder with instrumentation and with experimental sounds.”

Listen to the album below: